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Spring League Final 2015

Article Added: 2015/03/22

The much awaited Spring League has been ran over the last few weeks on the five courses in Tipperary and the final leg was played at the excellent Tipperary Hills course yesterday where the pairings were ratified for next weeks final. Tipperary Hills & Riverdale will once again battle it out to be crowned Tipperary Spring League Champions and what a final we have in store. Last years final some would say was one of the best but this year's final is sure to be an enthralling one. Tipperary Hills would be the first to say that perhaps they left the victory behind them last year in Larkspur Park but write Riverdale off at your peril. Spring League kingpins for so often now, the Nenagh men are proven winners and have a knack of carving out victories when defeat as been staring them in the face, their experience is monumental in this Championship and this is sure to have an impact on Sunday. That said, Tipperary Hills players are still hurting after last years defeat, can they go one better, time will tell on Sunday.

Whilst the venue has yet to be announced, at the time of writing this, I am of the view that the final will be played at Larkspur Park, the venue for last years final and so players will be aware of the threat this course possesses but also in Matchplay a player can afford to let of the shackles and have a right go at their opponent. It will be a battle, a battle of perseverance, matches will be tight, pairings will be strained throughout the day, friendships sometimes put on an edge to ensure victory. It is what sport is about, determination, will to win and no matter what happens the game will be played in true spirit with the etiquette of the game upheld at all times.

It is going to be a belter next Sunday. Both teams are currently unknown and when the teamsheets are announced on Sunday morning, it will be all systems go and may be the best team win.

The County Board would like to thank all the players who played throughout the league and we wish Tipperary Hills & Riverdale players every success on Sunday.

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